Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Marathon Training Week 5

Brighton Marathon Training Week 5

I am so out of sync with writing these posts, it's a bit of a memory exercise just trying to recall the weeks and runs! I'm writing this midway through week seven - oops.

running Farnborough Half Marathon

As always, I began with a Monday rest day and a chance to recover after the previous weekend's long run.

Tuesday was then supposed to have been my first day back at the track since before Christmas. I'd been quite looking forward to it all day as I wanted to try and get a decent speedwork session in. But on my train journey home, I spotted a few white flakes falling from the sky... And when I got off and began my walk home, it was feeling pretty cold, wet and a little bit slippery. I was weighing up in my head whether it was sensible to skip the track session, or if I should just brave the weather and get on with it. In the twenty minutes or so I spent considering though, I got news that the session was cancelled and when I looked out the window it was pretty clear why - there was about an inch of snow settled on the ground already! Instead I decided to go for a swim so that I was still getting some sort of a workout in, even if it wasn't going to be running. The swim actually felt like quite hard work though and I only managed about half of what I would normally do - but still better than nothing I guess! Swimming is definitely one of my preferred cross training methods though and I wish I could fit it into my routine more regularly.

Wednesday was another rest day, and I was working the late shift at work again so couldn't have fitted anything in even if I'd wanted to.

Thursday evening I got out for a run after work with some longer intervals, which made me feel at least a bit better about not being able to go to the track earlier in the week. I ran a one mile warm up before doing three sets of 8 minutes at tempo pace and 2 minutes of easy pace, with the tempo pace being somewhere around 7:20min/mi. I enjoyed this run a lot - the tempo paces were challenging but not painful and it was nice to see how I could push myself.

Friday I took another rest day.

Saturday I decided to add in some miles before parkrun, so ran just under four miles to get there at an easy pace. I'm the sort of person who massively overestimates how much time I'll need for anything so was of course about half an hour early for parkrun. This was great though as it gave me chance to chat to a few people beforehand and to be pretty much recovered enough to run a quicker parkrun. I still wasn't going all out or aiming to get anywhere near to PB time, but just to hold a comfortably fast pace for me. I was second lady with a time of 22:35 and I'm really pleased with that because it's only a matter of months ago that I'd have been really pushing hard to get that kind of time and this felt relatively relaxed. 

Sunday and long run day came around again. I made a fairly last minute entry to Farnborough Half Marathon to make my 14 mile long run a bit more interesting and a lot less lonely. It was a freezing cold morning and I was not keen to strip the layers off at the start, but once we were out in the sun it was a lovely day! I knew I needed to be sensible and not try and run this too fast, so I deliberately stuck with Dylan and Joanna for the first 10km to keep my pace nice and easy so I wouldn't be tempted to start trying to race. We were doing around 10 minute miles which was about perfect for what I wanted. After 10km I then did up my pace to between 7:45-8:00min/mi to finish off the second half. I've been trying to incorporate faster running later in my long runs to prepare myself for running harder when I'm tired at the end of the marathon. The race atmosphere was ideal for keeping me motivated to run and I really enjoyed it all the way round! I had to add on an extra nearly-mile at the end to meet my planned distance so jogged around for a bit wearing my finisher's medal and bag, not the most comfortable but every mile counts!

And that concludes my fifth week of training. Just eleven more to go...

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