Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Marathon Training Week 8

Brighton Marathon Training Week 8

Runners at Rickmansworth Parkrun

Reaching the end of this week official marked halfway through my training plan - how is it going by so fast?!

After last week being pretty all over the place, it was nice to resume a little bit more routine again and to get building the mileage back up.

As always, I started with a Monday rest day which made for three consecutive rest days having spent the weekend in Eastbourne. It definitely gave me a bit of refresh and set me up ready for a good week.

Track Tuesday saw me doing 700m reps and finally I managed a full session on the track! I've missed a few sessions due to work and weather conditions, and the sessions that I have made I've not completed for one reason or another so it was a great confidence boost to actually run the whole set. They weren't the most consistent reps, ranging from 2:43 to 3:05, but I felt like I worked hard in the session.

Wednesday was another "rest" day that was actually a twelve hour shift at work, then Thursday I did ten easy miles after work. Now that I've started a new job and am in the same place Monday to Friday, it's easier for me to do some runs from work, so I jogged down through the Royal Parks in the sunshine, enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Thames and met up with the runners at Southwark Run Talk Run. Joining them for the final 4 miles of my run was such a good way of extending it because I honestly never notice the running when I'm busy chatting! The conversational pace also really helps me to slow down and run genuine easy miles that I'm sure do me a lot of benefit.

Sunset over River Thames

Friday had me back in the purple pod of happiness for another Hotpod Yoga nurturing flow, perfect for recovering my muscles after the runs earlier in the week.

For this week I decided to switch my weekend around a bit and do my long run on the Saturday instead. This gave me the chance to also do a bit of (local) Parkrun tourism at Rickmansworth Parkrun. I ran about six miles to parkrun, ran the parkrun, and then ran another seven-ish home again. I used this run to practise a bit of marathon pace again, and it felt good to be able to do this even towards the end of my run. It was a really hilly route (much hillier than Brighton will be... I think!) but I was feeling fairly strong for most of it, although did walk some of the ridiculously steep sections on the way home. It was also another chance to practise with the gels again and make sure that I do get on with them ok.

Strava data for long run

Sunday I relaxed and had a bit of a lie in before venturing out into glorious sunshine for an easy five mile recovery run done at a nice and gentle pace. I was definitely feeling the previous day's long run in my legs and back - the downhills seem to cause me quite a lot of muscle soreness, but getting out for a run did ease it quite a bit.

I totalled 37.7 miles for week 8, finish off a pretty strong first half of training!

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