Thursday, January 2, 2020

Manchester Marathon Training - Week 3

Manchester Marathon Training - Week 3

This time last year, I was only just getting started on my Brighton Marathon training! This time around I'm already getting completely stuck in, although this is mostly due to the simple fact that Manchester is slightly earlier than Brighton anyway.

Week 3 was the week covering Christmas, so I expect I'm not the only one who lost all sense of routine and being able to tell which day it was! This wasn't helped by the fact that I was also working a set of four night shifts from the 23rd-26th.

I went to yoga in the early evening for a bit of strength and stretching, but also to relax for a bit before my night shifts began.

Christmas Eve. The first night shift hadn't been too bad and compared to a lot of people's night shifts it was great as I was able to get a few hours sleep, but it was still tiring. I didn't run and instead made sure I relaxed ready to work again.

Christmas Day. Sadly no parkrun for me as my shift finished at 9am. I did manage to catch a glimpse of Northala Parkrun on my way home from work and I was pretty jealous! I didn't have time to run myself as I wanted to get a bit of sleep before going round to see my family for Christmas dinner.

First run of the week. Christmas and night shifts were probably a blessing in disguise when it came to the enforced rest - the IT band issues I'd had on my long run last week hadn't developed into anything else. I went for an easy 5K as soon as I got in from work before heading to bed to catch up on a bit more sleep.

Night shifts finally complete! Although they were fairly decent night shifts, I was still tired so had yet another rest day.

Finally some sort of routine returns with a Saturday morning parkrun. Because I'd had a relatively easy week running-wise, I used this as an opportunity to run a bit harder. I managed to get just under 22 minutes although definitely slowing doing rather than speeding up with each mile.

In keeping with the general theme of the week, my long run was more of a medium run by marathon training standards, at just over 7 miles. I'm glad I was able to cut it back though because just towards the end, my right IT band started to flare up again. Home for some stretching and foam rolling and a lot of hoping that this isn't going to be a recurring problem!


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