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About Me

I'm Jennifer, a junior doctor living and working in London. I caught the running bug in my final year of medical school and never found the cure...

What started out as "just one" half marathon has led to a lifestyle based around running, a packed race calendar and a growing collection of running kit.

I began this blog to document my training the 2019 Brighton Marathon - as well as to share my thoughts and stories from my running life. My next goal is the 2019 Amsterdam Half Marathon in October so I'll be posting about the training leading up to that.

Where to find me:

I'd love to hear from you so please feel free to get in contact!
Email: enjoythelongrun@gmail.com
Instagram: @running_dr_jennifer
Twitter: @enjoythelongrun

Alternatively, come 9am on a Saturday morning you're almost sure to find me on the start line of a Parkrun somewhere...

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