Sunday, January 6, 2019

Marathon Training - Week 2

Brighton Marathon 2019 - Week 2 of training

New Year's Day Parkrun Double - Parkrun No. 2 (Harrow)

Are all the weeks going to go by this quickly?! I suspect the 14th April is going to come around pretty fast...

I started off week two with a rest day. It was New Year's Eve and I was working a 12 hour shift so didn't have time for much anyway, plus I've generally kept Mondays as rest days for now.

Week two, day two was 1st of January and what better way to begin the year than with a double dose of parkrun? First up was Canons Park and I took this one pretty steady, coming in at around 25 minutes. With hindsight it might have been a good idea to go even steadier on it but it felt pretty comfortable and I was cold running much slower! Then we headed over to Harrow, my home parkrun, for another go. This time I wanted to go a bit faster, and thanks to lots of encouragement from Dylan I did just over 22 minutes. Not a PB, but considering I'd already run once that morning I was more than happy to have just kept up a fast-ish pace. Parkrun PBs might have to take a bit of a backseat for the next few months anyway.

Day three I had planned to run 4 easy miles, but then a friend I've been meaning to catch up with for months was finally free for a couple of hours and I didn't want to pass up on a brief moment when we were both in the same country and not working! So no running after work, but a bit of work/run/life balance enacted.

Day four I went out to run six steady miles. I was really enjoying running slowly and just focusing on my form and staying relaxed, keeping to just over 9min/mile. But at around 3.5 miles I started getting an odd sensation in my right knee - not pain as such, just a feeling that something twisting or out of line. I was tempted to keep going and finish six miles, but I also really didn't want to do any damage, especially so early on in training, so I sensibly stopped at 4 miles and went home for a goods stretch which seemed to have been the right decision as I've not had any problem since.

Day five was a scheduled rest day so I did some yoga early in the morning, something I'm trying to get back into the habit of whenever I can.

I moved my long run to Saturday this week and decided to do it as a parkrun sandwich. 4.5 miles to Harrow at 8:15-8:20min/mi pace got me there slightly earlier than intended so I continued for another 1.5 miles to make it to six pre-parkrun. Putting parkrun at the end of a long run was a great way to keep up the pace and stop myself getting bored.

I finished off week two with a cross country race at Oxford. I wasn't expecting too much from myself beforehand, but felt pretty good on the day. This time I started much steadier which I'm learning does work much better for me than dashing off at the start of a race! It was a course that suited me quite well - trails and hills, and although the big hills hurt on the second time around, I quite enjoyed myself and felt pretty strong throughout.

So although I finished week two with slightly less mileage than planned, I still feel like it was a good week of training. I'm still not quite into normal weekly routines again yet, so it's taking time to settle into it but I'll get there!

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