Sunday, January 20, 2019

Marathon Training Week 3

Brighton Marathon Training Week 3

I'm a bit behind with writing the recap of this week, so the training isn't that fresh in my mind anymore! Lucky I have a print out of my plan, Strava and Instagram to refer to...

Monday was originally going to be a rest day, but I was feeling extremely stiff after the weekend's cross country - I could feel the effects of steep hills and XC spikes in my calves! I decided therefore to do some active recovery with a very gentle 4.2 miles after work. I kept the pace really slow (I couldn't have gone much faster even I'd wanted to really...) and HR was down too so hopefully I got some good quality recovery from this run.

Tuesday morning was the first early morning run of this block. I was working until 9pm at night and so to fit my run in meant getting out in the dark at 6:30am. I ran another 4.4 miles, aiming to pick up the pace a bit with each mile. I don't love an early morning run, but I do find it sets me up nicely for the day so I don't mind putting them in now and again when I need to.

Wednesday was another planned easy run - I'm trying to include lots of easy miles into my training to build aerobic fitness. I'd scheduled myself 5 miles, but ended up doing 8 in total. All at a steady pace though and the only big effort was running up a steep hill that I'm trying to improve my time on (it's a Strava segment and also just a really satisfying hill when you get to the top!).

I can't remember why I didn't run on Thursday - probably just tiredness! I did plan six miles with a couple at tempo pace, but decided to take the day off instead. Having already run on five consecutive days I was probably due a rest anyway.

Friday was the start of my weekend night shifts so a good opportunity for a long run before an afternoon nap ready to work through the night. I ran 12 miles at 8:30min/mi average pace which I was really pleased with as it felt comfortable. This run did make me realise though that I really need to start considering my hydration and nutrition tactics.

Saturday was another rest day which was good as I'd had a busier than usual Friday night at work so did actually need to come home and sleep properly instead of just napping on the sofa.

Sunday I came home from work, slept for a few hours and then went out for my run just before lunch. Although night shifts can be tiring and mess with your body clock, I do really appreciate being able to go out and run in the middle of the day. I ran just over a mile to warm up, a couple of laps at hard effort around the resevoir and then another mile to cool down. Keeping up the pace in the middle did take a lot of mental effort but I'm glad I was able to push through and get it done. This run was my replacement for parkrun, but it definitely makes me realise just how much I get from the other parkrunners and the marshals in terms of motivation to keep running hard!

Despite working every single day in the week, this was my highest weekly mileage in a couple of months, totalling out at 34.1. This is definitely where writing/adapting my own training plan has been useful because I know what's reasonable to do around my shifts at work.

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