Sunday, March 24, 2019

Marathon Training Week 12

Brighton Marathon 2019 Training - Week 12

Sage Reading Half Marathon Finisher

Ahh another cut-back week, and much appreciated! Actually, because of the fact I've not quite hit planned mileage the last couple of weeks anyway, the reduction in miles run wasn't that much but in my mind it helped...

I kicked off with another rest day, which actually ended up being a twelve hour shift at work. I'd been a bit concerned about how that would go the day after my 20 mile race - sore legs and possibly spending my evening running around a hospital didn't sound a great combination - but actually my legs felt absolutely fine and my shift was no problem! I've found that there's a lot more to marathon training than just the running - it's also about learning what works best in terms of nutrition, hydration and recovery. For me, recovering after a long run involves some light stretching immediately afterwards, home for a hot bath, eat when I'm ready, a nice chilled out couple of hours of sitting/lying down and then some deeper stretching or yoga later on before an early night.

Tuesday I headed down to the running track for some 1100m reps. I'd actually planned to take these as easily as I needed, but was feeling good and able to run them progressively faster: 4:54, 4:46, 4:40, 4:33. I can't decide whether I prefer doing fewer, longer reps, or doing more short ones, but they both have their benefits when it comes to improving speed.

Wednesday was another rest day, then I did my longest run commute to date on Thursday. Working and living in London makes run commuting quite easy as I can run to various tube stations to get the train home for the last bit of my journey. I've been progressively running further along the tube line, and this time managed 9.5 miles. Still no getting away from the hills, but I quite like literally running away from work at the end of the day!

Friday I was back at Hotpod Yoga for an extremely chilled out nuturing flow - given a few more minutes at the end and I could quite easily have gone to sleep.

On Saturday I volunteered at Parkrun in the morning - I like the idea of volunteering once for every ten runs, and seeing as I hit 50 last week, it seemed like it was time to give back, so I spent the morning taking photos and barcode scanning. Then when I got home, I headed out for a very easy 5km as a bit of a shake out ready for Sunday.

Sunday I ran Reading Half Marathon - one of the biggest events I've done for quite a while! I'd been in two minds about how to factor it into my training, but decided it was too good to 'waste' as just a training run and decided to give it a good shot at seeing how fast I could do it. Again I think I'll do a full post for this rather than write it all up here, but in summary I was only 24 seconds away from it being a PB which I was pretty pleased with. That shows that my fitness levels are pretty good, and I should be on for a good marathon hopefully.

Another good week of training banked, another week close to marathon day and another A4 page of training plan finished...

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