Saturday, March 2, 2019

Marathon Training Week 9

Brighton Marathon Training Week 9

This week was a cutback week, a chance to reduce the mileage and finish the week with a 10km race rather than a long run. I'm not sure I really appreciated the lower miles enough, but it was nice to just rest a bit more!

Hillingdon 10km race

Monday again was a rest day, so the first run of the week was a track session with the running club and 800's were the order of the day. I began with a mile warm up around the track, then into the session. I ran the first three reps in 3:15 and I was happy with the consistency! I decided to turn down the effort for the next couple, trying to mindful of racing on the weekend and not wanting to totally ruin my legs all week. Two reps at 3:30 and then another two at 3:15. The eight rep I was really tiring and despite pushing hard could only make a 3:20. Running fast on the track was also making my calves tighten up - I think I must change my form slightly and be more up on my toes or something so I'm going to try and take a bit notice of this, and remember to keep stretching and strengthening my calves! (One way I've been doing this is heel raises whenever I'm waiting on the train platform going to and from work - don't even care if I look a bit strange anymore haha). Because of all this, I decided to finish on 8 reps rather than 10.

Wednesday was another rest day and I decided on a hot yoga session. I had thought about doing some weight training workouts, but I've been told not to do this during race weeks so followed that advice. Although hot yoga was still a pretty intense workout! It's a brilliant addition to my cross training, and I'm a big advocate of runners doing some form of yoga as part of conditioning - not necessarily a hot yoga class, but even just some basic moves at home with a youtube video can be helpful.

Thursday was a chance to try something I've never done before - a run commute! I've run after work a couple of times for Run Talk Run,  but have never actually run straight home. My normal commute involves two trains, a mile walk and all in all takes me about an hour door to door. It's not a bad journey, but getting home and then having to run does take up quite a lot of my evening, especially as I'm now doing 8 or 9 miles as a midweek run. Work to home is actually about 13 miles, so instead I found a tube station that would be about 8 miles and got the train the last little bit. The route I ran isn't exactly scenic - it's all high streets, and every other road seems to be called this or that "hill", but it was really nice to be home by half six and have already got my run done for the day.

Garmin watch

I took another rest day on Friday, then a gentle parkrun on Saturday. I really tried to hold back and simply just enjoy being out running which isn't hard really at parkrun!

Sunday I ran the Hillingdon 10km and I've written a separate race report on this, but in summary it felt tough and I managed 45:38 which isn't my best 10km time but does account for the fact it's a hilly course and I haven't been training for a 10k.

All in all, 23.1 miles run for week 9 which feels such a small number now that I'm seeing everyone starting to reach peak weeks for spring marathon training! But a recovery and cutback was needed and set me up nicely for week 10.

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