Sunday, April 7, 2019

Marathon Training Week 15

Brighton Marathon 2019 Training - Week 15

And just like that, training is done! Just six days of tapering left and then it's race day... I don't know whether I'm more nervous or excited, but either way I can't wait to be crossing that finish line.
Week 15 has been a good one for me. The lower mileage is much kinder on my body, and gives me more time for resting.

Switching things up a bit, I actually began with an easy run on Monday instead of the usual rest day. A gentle recovery run through the woods was just what I wanted. I kept the pace really easy (10:11min/mi) and used it as a chance to work out tired legs and clear my mind a bit.

I made Tuesday my rest day so that I could have dinner and cake for dad's birthday. I think I did some strength work and my physio exercises but I'm not quite sure about that...

Wednesday was originally meant to have been a rest day, but because of my shifts this week I decided to use it for an interval session instead. I did 1.5mi warm up down to the lido and then ran eight lots of 2min on, 1min off. I was keeping a pretty consistent 7min/mi pace for the harder efforts - not seriously pushing for it, but going for about my 5km pace. I've been nervous this week of overdoing it with the marathon being not so far off now, but I enjoyed this speed session anyway. I had a moment of panic when my Garmin turned itself off right after the last interval and I thought it was all going to be lost, but luckily it wasn't!

Thursday was a rest day because I was working until 9pm, and then Friday I went to Hotpod yoga for another nurturing flow to stretch out my muscles. Again I was being mindful of not pushing it too much - I'm enjoying gaining more flexibility, but don't want to overstretch anything now.

Saturday is of course Parkrun day. I was meeting a friend to celebrate her birthday with a parkrun, so headed to Rickmansworth. It's a busy run and pretty crowded at the start so it wasn't going to be a fast one. My GPS was also not picking up at all, so the watch was pretty useless to me. I was running really comfortably for the first mile - if my watch was to be believed, I was doing 8:30min/mi which is my target marathon pace. I'd planned to be going a little faster for parkrun though! I managed to pick up the pace and overtake quite a few people over the next couple of miles to finish in 22:24. Nothing special but I always enjoy starting my weekend off with a parkrun.

Sunday morning I decided to head out early and get my last long run done so that I could be home to see the start of Manchester Marathon and track all the amazing people I've watched train for it over the last few months. I had eight miles on the plan. I wasn't too bothered about what pace I was doing, just to get a comfortable steady run done. At mile seven I started getting a slight pain down my left leg again, it actually feels a bit like an IT band problem but is probably connected to this niggling glute issue. It does make me a bit nervous for next week, but hopefully keeping the next few days really low intensity will help. I was able to finish off the run to eight miles, and then alternated run/walking home for a further mile just so it wouldn't take as long!

So there we are. Fifteen weeks of training all complete. Nothing more to do now other than rest, get some short, easy runs in next week and get myself as prepared as possible for 26.2miles next Sunday!

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