Sunday, April 14, 2019

Marathon Training Week 16

Brighton Marathon 2019 - Training Week 16

 Cliché I know, but I cannot believe this week has actually arrived. It's RACE WEEK!! We've come a long way from the cold, dark evening runs around Christmas and now I'm feeling fit and ready to take on the Brighton Marathon.

It was a slow start to taper week - I didn't get running until Wednesday afternoon. Monday was a planned rest day and I went for a sports massage in the evening. Generally everything was feeling fine - a bit of tightness on the outside of my thighs which is usually the case, and my calves felt way better than they did pre-marathon training. Massaging over the left piriformis was pretty uncomfortable but luckily the therapist didn't go too crazy with the race being so close now.

Tuesday I planned to run before work as I wasn't starting until 10am, but it was the one day this week I didn't wake up before my alarm and didn't really feel all that enthusiastic about an early morning run so I deferred it to Wednesday instead. I couldn't run Tuesday night because I went up to Banbury for the running club awards night and to pick up my trophy for 1st lady in the club Grand Prix which I was very pleased about!

So finally I got out for a run on Wednesday. The plan was 40 minutes of steady running. I started out probably a bit too fast and ran the first mile in 8:10 (my goal marathon pace is about 8:30). This wasn't brilliant mentally because the next mile felt hard - on reflection that's probably because it was mainly uphill, over muddy and uneven ground - and that brought up all kinds of doubts on whether I was going to be able to hold anything close to marathon pace for the whole race. Luckily after that I reached a really beautiful bit of the woods and settled into my stride much better while just enjoying the experience that is trail running on a sunny evening!

Thursday was a 20 minute easy run and I headed out into the woods again. I've said before that I actually really enjoy these easy runs where I slow it down to about 10min/mi and feel really comfortable. I didn't even make it as far as two miles, being at only 1.94 when 20 minutes was up! I managed to resist the temptation to round it up - if the plan calls for 20 minutes then that's what I'm doing...

Friday has become a pretty established routine of ending the working week with a hotpod yoga class. I took it really easy this week (it's a nuturing flow anyway so not exactly strenous) and was careful not to overstretch anything with less than 48 hours to go!

I finished up the training with my final run being a parkrun. I deliberately started from towards the back of the crowd so there would be minimal chance to go doing anything too fast, and slowly worked the pace up. I actually ran the last mile at faster than target marathon pace which was a bit quicker than I really meant to, but the pace felt really comfortable and actually that was a nice final confidence boost ahead of the marathon.

So that's it - training officially done! I'm actually writing this post after the marathon (I meant to finish it before was too caught up in pre-marathon excitement), but you can wait until the next post to hear my marathon re-cap...


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