Thursday, January 2, 2020

Manchester Marathon Training - Week 2

Manchester Marathon Training - Week 2

I'm already getting behind with writing these training diary updates - luckily I am keeping up with the actual running, just about!

Back to the usual routine and Monday was a rest day for me. I say 'rest day' - in reality I actually worked a long day so didn't get home until 9:30pm anyway.

I was back at the track for a Harrow AC training session. We were all keen to get this session done quickly as it was the group Christmas curry afterwards. On the plan were 5x1400m with the aim to do them at just faster than 5K pace. I managed to get every rep under the target and even felt fairly relaxed and comfortable doing so.

Hot yoga - a lovely class somewhere inbetween a nurturing flow and something more challenging. Mindful of the fact it was a busy week with late nights due to work and Christmas events, I didn't push myself too hard in this class but just enough to feel the effects of a good stretch.

An easy 30 minutes run, and I was very grateful for it being an easy run! I'm enjoying adding more speedwork into my routine, but this week I just needed an easier evening. Just a very gentle 5k around the roads.

Another rest day, although busy outside of running with work and then an evening watching the Olympia Horse Show.

Parkrun day of course. At the moment I tend to run the same parkrun course every week so it's nice to mix up the goal and not get too bored. I was supposed to try and do a progressive parkrun, increasing the pace at each mile and ending with a strong sprint finish. I got the first mile near-perfect which I was pleased with - I thought I'd go out way too fast - but was a few seconds slow on the second one where I'd over-adjusted for speeding up too much. The target pace for the final mile was ambitious - the times I run during training sessions on the track would suggest it's possible, but I really struggled with it, especially with the final uphill sections. Needs a bit more practice, and possibly a flatter parkrun to really nail the faster paces, but a good run all the same.

The long run plan this week was 12 miles at easy pace. I was in Eastbourne so decided to go down to the seafront with an out-and-back route. The general fatigue of a busy week had me feeling tired from the start, but I had Dylan with me on the bike again for a bit of motivation. However at about six miles I started to feel the first signs of a bit of an IT band niggle. Being six miles from home I kept going and it didn't really seem to be too much of a problem until shortly after nine miles. We stopped for a while at a crossing and I think the cold weather caused my muscles to seize a bit because trying to get running again was so painful I could barely put my foot down. I was able to walk it off a bit and attempted to run again, but made the decision to call it quits at 10 miles and walk the rest of the way home. Super annoying in the cold, but really not worth it to keep running and aggravate a potential injury.

A busy week with the usual ups and downs of running training, but another week completed and another set of sessions banked towards the marathon goal.

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